The Desert's Sound

Sekem, Cairo, Bahareya Oasis




Costs varies according to the number of participants.
Possibility to extend until 23.10.

Programma di 6 giorni:

Packed Programme:

Wed 9.10 Welcome in Egypt!

After touching down in Cairo airport, a scenic 1-hour drive will take you to the enchanting Sekem oasis. Upon your arrival in Sekem, you'll receive a warm welcomeand check in to your accommodation. As evening approaches, you will have a brief introduction round together with some of Sekem members. Savour a delectable dinner in the company of Sekem members. Finally, rest for the night, rejuvenating for the adventures that lie ahead unfolds with the first part of your Sekem Tour, offering a glimpse into this community, based on sustainable and holistic development.

Thu. 10.10 Visiting Sekem Farm

Your day begins with a nourishing breakfast, setting the tone for a day deeply embedded in Sekem's vibrant community.
You'll start by joining the Weekly Circle at 8 am, a heartwarming opportunity to connect with employees and partake in Eurythmy on the rooftop, an harmonious exercise.
The Sekem Tour unfolds in two parts. You'll explore the various facets of Sekem, gaining a holistic understanding of its operations and values. At 12 am, you will have the chance to assist to the Weekly School Celebration, with music and poems performed by the students.
Lunchtime is a special occasion to meet Sekem's dedicated employees, fostering connections and sharing in the Sekem experience.
During the visit your guided tour of Sekem's second part takes you through a mosaic of intriguing locations, including the Lotus Farm for Organic Herbs, the Medical Center, Vocational Training Center, School, Kindergarten, Naturetex, Isis For Food Processing, and glimpses of the compost, cows, and Biodynamic Preparation Production.
As the day comes to a close, you'll return to your accommodations for a delectable dinner and a restful overnight. 

Fri. 11.10 Journey to Bahareya Oasis and evening live concert with IKE & the Great Escape

You'll set off for the serene Wahat Farm (Bahareya Oasis) in the Western Desert, a picturesque six-hours drive away. Along the way, you'll savour a delicious lunch prepared by Sekem, served in convenient lunch boxes.
As you arrive at Wahat Farm in the enchanting glow of the sunset, you'll have your first glimpse of the lush cultivated fields bathed in the warm, fading light. A warm welcome dinner awaits you followed by IKE & the Great Escape Live Concert at the farm's amphitheatre. Your overnight stay at the Wahat Guest House promises restful slumber in this tranquil desert oasis, a stark contrast to the bustling energy of Cairo.

Sat. 12.10 Wahat tour, back to Sekem, Khan El Khalili Bazar and Derwish Dancing performance

Today you will have the chance to join the Morning Circle together with the employees of the young farm Wahat. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast before delving into the second part of your Wahat Farm exploration. The visit includes also the new school and kindergarten, all built in rammed earth. Later in the morning you'll bid farewell to Wahat Farm and head back to Cairo. Your day continues with an escape to the bustling Khan El Khalili Bazar, where you will savour a delicious dinner. After enjoying a vibrant marketplace brimming with unique treasures and local culture, you will attend a Dervish Dancing Concert, immersing yourself in the region's rich traditions. As the day fades away, you will be taken back to Sekem Farm for deserved restful dreams.

Sun. 13.10 Visiting Heliopolis University in Cairo, Workshop on the traditional Egyptian music, Museum of Egyptian Civilazation

Your journey takes you to Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, depart from Sekem at 8.30 am. This University was established under the umbrella of SEKEM in 2009 with the aim to pioneer the introduction of the concepts and principles of sustainable development to the students and the Egyptian community. You will visit the 6 faculties surrounded by a colourful garden, attended by 3000 new members per year, a post-doc research centre, a theatre where artists from all over the world perform. Music teachers will take you into the traditional Egyptian music through a listening and practical workshop aimed to letting you discover the basic of theory, scales and rhythms of this music. The workshop addresses to both musicians of all levels and non-musicians. Lunch at the university canteen offers a taste of eco-conscious cuisine.
Afterward, at 1 pm, you'll have the unique opportunity to visit the marvellous and less known Museum of Egyptian Civilization, discovering important achievements in the Egyptian long history through various eras, starting from prehistoric times and through the Pharaonic, Greek, Coptic and Islamic eras.

Mon. 14.10 Check-out, Flight back home

As the day draws to a begin, you'll prepare for your return flight, bringing this enriching journey to a memorable end.

Extended Programme adds:

Mon. 15.10 Pyramids Tour

Your day commences with a hearty breakfast, energizing you for a day filled with exploration. At 7:30 am you will depart to Cairo, where your first stop is the awe-inspiring Giza Pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx. These iconic landmarks stand as a testament to ancient Egypt's architectural prowess. A packed lunch allows you to refuel amidst your adventures. In the afternoon, your expedition continues to the historic Saqqara Pyramids, some of the oldest pyramids in Egypt, steeped in history and mystique. After a day of discovery, you'll return to Sekem, where a delightful dinner awaits you at the Guest House. Finally, rest for the night, with ancient wonders and insightful discussions fresh in your minds.

Tue. 16.10 Coptic Quarter and Sultan Hassan Mosque

After breakfast we will take you to the Coptic Quarter, with its fortress, churches and synagogue, all places of worship that date back to the time when the pharaonic religions of Ancient Egypt had died out and Islam had not yet arrived. Afterwards we will visit Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, one of the largest mosque in the world, above Cairo's old city, to deepen Muslim culture and worship. Return to Sekem and enjoy some free time for reflection, relaxing walking through flowering gardens or shopping. After a delightful dinner at the Sekem Guest House, you can unwind and share stories of the day's discoveries.

Wed. 17.10 Check-out, Flight back home

As the day draws to a begin, you'll prepare for your return flight, bringing this enriching journey to a memorable end.


Packed programme, 5 nights:

  • 700€ min 25 participants
  • 800€ min 15 participants

Extended programme, 7 nights:

  • 900€  min 25 participants
  • 1000€ min 15 participants

Il pacchetto comprende:

Included services:

Packed programme (from 9 until 14 October)
  • Attending live concert with IKE & the Great Escape "On Higher dreams"
  • Guided tour in Sekem Farm and in Wahat Farm
  • 5 overnights in full board in the Sekem Guest House in Cairo and in Wahat
  • Mentoring and assisting the group through the whole journey
  • All transfers except from and to the airport
  • Guided tour of the Museum of Egyptian Civilisation
  • Excursion to Khan El Khalili Bazar

Extended Programme (from 9 until 16 October)

  • Attending live concert with IKE & the Great Escape "On Higher dreams"
  • 7 overnights in full board in the Sekem Guest House in Cairo and in Wahat Farm
  • Mentoring and assisting the group through the whole journey
  • All transfers
  • Guided tour of the Pyramids, of the Museum of Egyptian Civilisation, of the Coptic Quarter and of Sultan Hassan Mosque
  • Excursion to Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Il pacchetto non comprende:

Excluded services:

Packed programme

  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Tickets to the Museum of Egyptian Civilisation and to the Dervish Dancing Concert
  • Dinner at Khan El Khalili Bazaar
  • Tips
  • Flights to Egypt
  • Insurance

Extended programme

  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Tickets to the Pyramids, to the Museum of Egyptian Civilisation, to Sultan Hassan Mosque, to the Dervish Dancing Concert
  • Dinner at Khan El Khalili Bazar
  • Tips
  • Flights to Egypt
  • Insurance

"The travel aims to take you to the heart of the Egyptian innovative project Sekem, to the Bahareya Oasis and to Cairo  with a pivotal experience of a live concert at the desert´s doors. The concert is inspired by the musician IKE’s experience as a teacher at Heliopolis University, his collaborations with local musicians  and his absorption of the Egyptian terrain. You can choose two tailor made programs to suite you at the best."

About the concert:

IKE & the Great Escape concert: ON HIGHER DREAMS

On Higher Dreams is a new body of conceptual work from IKE. Stylistically cinematic in method, process, and scope — the sonic output of Isaac de Martin is erosive to the boundaries of genres. In the dusty remains, a neoteric sound is formed. Inspired by IKE’s absorption of the Egyptian terrain, it is music that seeps ancestry, melds influence and provokes contemplation. The Wahat concert will be performed by IKE with musicians from the vibrant Egyptian music scene. The concert will merge IKE's album with traditional Egyptian music. For listening: ike.persona.co

Limited availability

Deadline for registration: 31. August 2024

For info and booking:

  • ilaria@viandantisi.it
  • +39 335 7434964 (Whatsapp and Telegram)

Deadline for registration: 31.08.2024



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